Survivalist Luke McLaughlin Discusses Going Barefoot

Luke McLaughlin is the founder of Holistic Survival School in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was a star on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, a show in which a man and woman must survive naked in the wilderness for 21 days. Contestants must find and gather their own food and water.

As the contestants are naked, they are forced to go barefoot, and sometimes in harsh conditions. African landscapes are often littered with thorns and sharp rocks.

Luke describes why he goes barefoot for a couple different reasons:

The first reason he mentions is that it slows him down; “I get in this rhythm like a meditation”. Luke says he becomes more aware and may find wild editables or other items he could use as tools.

The second reason that is mentioned is that it’s better for the body and alignment. Humans were meant to be barefoot and did not evolve with rubber roles on their feet.


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