Barefoot Hiking

Hiking barefoot is one of the best things that can be done barefoot. Barefoot hiking is great for strengthening the feet and ankles and allows you to truly get a feel for nature. Some hikers even hike the Appalachian Trail barefoot!

Barefoot Running

Running barefoot has helped many people, even people who have been advised by doctors not stop running. Barefoot running forces runners to improve their running form, which helps prevent injuries and strengthen muscles.

Barefoot at Work

Depending on your work environment and employer, you may be able to get away with going barefoot at work. Relaxed office environments are one of the best places to start going barefoot, and it just may lower stress and increase productivity.

Barefoot in Public

If your feeling confident or adventurous, you may want to go barefoot in public. In other developed nations such as New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, going barefoot is common practice, and children are often encouraged to attend school barefoot.