Toe Spreaders

Toe spreaders are devices that fit between and spread your toes to help undo the damage done by shoes. If you have bunions, overlapping or pinched toes, Morton’s neuroma, or would like the added benefits of strength, flexibility, and balance, toe separators may be right for you. If you are considering surgery, consider buying a pair of Toe separators first.

Correct Toes

Correct Toes Correct Toes were invented by Dr. Ray McClanahan. They are constructed of medical-grade silicone, which make them both flexible and highly durable. Correct Toes don’t simply spread the toes, but places each toe in the correct anatomical position in relation to the ground and to one-another.

Unlike other products, Correct Toes are also designed to be worn in shoes during weight-bearing activity for maximum results (be sure the shoe is wide enough). Another advantage Correct Toes has over similar products is the ability to be modified by adding or reducing space between the toes.

Check out the Correct Toes manual and be sure to read their sizing sizing chart.

Correct Toes can be purchased from NW Foot and Ankle.


YogaToesYogaToes® are toe stretchers that are made from medical grade gel and come two styles, YogaToes Sport and Gems. YogaToes® are only available in two sizes (small and medium) and four colors: Metallic Blue, Green, Orange and Red. Gems are the “lite” version of YogaToes®. They are slightly easier to put on because the top rail is absent. If you have severe foot problems or have trouble reaching your feet, Gems might be the right option for you.

Other products include massage attachments for relaxation. YogaToes® do not fit in shoes and do come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

They can be purchased from their website (use coupon code SECRET) or from