While going barefoot offers more health benefits than minimalist shoes, not everyone can live a complete barefoot lifestyle due to employment or weather conditions. It may make sense to wear minimalist shoes, or barefoot shoes.

Minimalist Shoe Benefits and Features

There are typically five features of minimalist shoes:

  • Zero-drop heel
  • Large toe box
  • Lack of arch support
  • Lack of toe spring
  • Thinner/flexible sole

These five features allow the foot to function more naturally and discourage incorrect running form that can lead to injuries.

Types of Minimalist Shoes

Luna SandalsMinimalist shoes come in different styles ranging from sandals to boots. Some companies even offer do-it-yourself kits for affordable prices.

Compare Minimalist Shoes


injinjiSocksMediumInjinji Socks are anti-friction socks that eliminates skin to skin contact and contain moisture wicking fibers to help to eliminate blisters. These individual toes encourage natural movement, help circulation, and are thin enough to work with Vibram Fivefingers or other minimalist shoes.