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It’s Illegal to Drive Barefoot – Why the Myth is Dangerous

Almost everyone has come across the question, “Is it illegal to drive barefoot?” The answer is a resounding ‘No’. It is perfectly legal to drive barefoot in all 50 States, Canada, and the UK. Though some myths are harmless, this myth can actually be dangerous.

Driving with flip-flops dangerous

Police: Man flips Jeep trying to put on shoes

The above image is from a flipped Jeep. The driver was putting shoes on while he was driving. Not very smart. Any distracted driving is not smart, whether that is putting on shoes, talking on the cell phone, or eating Taco Bell.

But what if this man was putting on shoes because was late for work, rushed out the door, and believed driving barefoot was illegal?

Some may believe driving barefoot is illegal and choose to drive in heels or flip-flops. Ironically, driving with such footwear in some countries is an offense. France recently declared that wearing high heels is a breach of the country’s highway code.

One study showed that out of 750 women, 75 admitted to having an accident or near accident:

Insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels surveyed 750 women – out of these, 75 admitted having an accident or “near-miss” because their shoes had slipped off or got stuck between or under the pedals.

With millions of drivers on the road, this equated to a lot of accidents.

Others, who may be unfamiliar with the law, choose to drive barefoot but keep their flip-flops close by in the event they get pulled over. This isn’t smart either, as shoes can roll around and get caught in the pedals.

It’s important to feel comfortable driving and to be informed of the law. If you aren’t comfortable driving with shoes, then by all means, drive barefoot.

Footwear Tips for Driving

  • Understand that driving barefoot is not illegal
  • Drive barefoot instead of high heels or flip-flops
  • Keep shoes and other items away from the driver side
  • If you aren’t comfortable driving barefoot, consider keeping another pair of shoes in the car