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The Barefoot Hub is a site dedicated to barefoot education, promotion, and health. Engaging in a barefoot lifestyle is not only healthy, but also a relaxing and liberating experience. If you have any questions, comments, or material to add, use the contact form.
If you like this site and are interested in learning more, consider purchasing The Barefoot Book by Dr. Daniel Howell. His book is well researched and contains insightful scientific studies demonstrating the benefits of going bare. The book also discusses minimalist footwear, the barefoot lifestyle, activities such as hiking and running, and many barefoot myths.

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  • Going barefoot is healthy! Going barefoot promotes better posture, balance, and strength, allows for natural growth, and reduces fungal infections. There have been multiple studies surveying individuals from around the world, and the conclusions have been quite quite surprising. Science does support bare feet!
  • Is it not illegal to go barefoot, enter stores and restaurants, or drive barefoot. Even though it isn’t viewed as the norm in places such as the United States, the law does allow for bare feet. Privately owned businesses may have their own dress code, but there are no federal laws prohibiting going barefoot.
  • Many activities can be done barefoot, such as running and hiking. Many people have experienced greater joy and less injuries by being barefoot in the outdoors. There are some individuals who hike the entire Appalachian trail barefoot! Many people think bare feet aren’t as functional, but they certainly can be.
  • You too, can start going barefoot! Practice going barefoot slowly. It will take time for your muscles in the foot and lower leg to adjust to this new type of walking and sensation. Overtime, muscles will strengthen and the feet will toughen up. You’re feet don’t lose feeling, but rather become more tolerant.
  • Answers to common questions can be read at the barefoot FAQs. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Other views will be able to chime in on the discussion as well.